Why Go with an Independent Insurance Agency?
Why Go with an Independent Insurance Agency?
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Discover the Benefits of Working with an Independent Insurance Agency

It may feel riskier or scarier to get your family’s insurance through an independent insurance agency as opposed to through a group plan from an employer, but there are many reasons that an independent agency is actually preferable. By understanding exactly what it is you are getting involved with, you’ll quickly realize that the freedom, dedication, and personalization offered by independent insurance agencies is superior, leaving you only to wonder why it took this long for you to make the leap. So, what exactly are the advantages?

Independence of choice

  • By maintaining their independence from specific insurance companies or vehicles, independent insurance agencies are free to represent a wide variety of insurance companies’ offerings with the associated variety in coverage options and costs.
  • Rather than paint you into a corner with the limited options from a single insurance provider, independent agencies typically sell coverage for five to eight difference insurance companies and free you from the pressure of feeling like you must accept a single company’s quote.
  • This ability naturally results in the customer receiving better value that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Personalized attention, care, and recommendations

  • By interacting with a real person assigned to your case, an independent insurance agency is able to get to know you and your family’s needs on a personal basis.
  • As a result, they will understand what your unique situation is after listening closely and understanding your situation.
  • At the end of the process, this will result in not only the best bang for your buck, but also ensure you have the exact coverage you need without omitting an important piece of coverage and without selling you coverage that you do not need.
  • Your personal representative at an independent insurance agency will also be able to advocate on your behalf down the road if you need to make a claim, have a billing concern, or need to adjust your coverage.

Local friendly people, not a faceless corporation

  • Everyone likes having a mom and pop shop where they know your name and recognize your face instead of the corporate monolith—independent insurance agencies provide that friendly face that is missing in the larger insurance companies.
  • Not only do they know you personally, but your independent agency is your neighbor, a member of your community—because of this they understand your unique circumstances.
  • As members of your community, independent insurance agencies are often heavily involved in community-building activities like sponsoring local youth sports, buying from other local businesses, and more.

Dedication to you

  • Larger insurance companies will typically focus on one specific type of insurance and direct you across town (or the web) to another company if you have a different need—this is not the case at an independent agency that is often able to meet all your insurance needs in-house.
  • By focusing on you and your family individually and representing a variety of insurance types, independent agencies can find you the best coverages and optimal prices as you move through life—every time you move, go back to school, get married, have children, start a business, or any other major life event.

Want to find out more?

Schechner Lifson Corporation is an independent insurance agency that can serve as your one-stop shop for property and casualty policy and life insurance and benefits, with agents who have deep expertise and experience across each sector. By remaining an independent agency who is not tied to any single insurance company or investment vehicle, Schechner Lifson Corporation is able to provide unbiased and comprehensive advice on your insurance policies. Contact us today to see how we can make sense of the often confusing world of insurance and provide you with the best and most affordable coverage possible.

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