Business Insurance
Business Insurance
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Protect Your Business Through Our Commercial Insurance Plans

General Liability

Do you own real estate, rent a premises, manufacture/sell/distribute a product, provide a service? If so, you need general liability insurance. General liability insurance provides bodily injury and property damage coverage for claims arising from your premises, product, or service.


Do you own or lease a building, office furniture & equipment, computers, machinery & equipment or stock? If so, you need property insurance. Property insurance provides coverage for loss to your property arising out of many perils which can include fire, theft, water damage, vandalism, windstorm, flood, and earthquake.


Do you own autos? Do you or your employees use personal autos or rent autos for business purposes? If so, you need automobile insurance. Automobile insurance provides coverage for liability arising out of an accident involving owned, non-owned, or rented autos, as well as physical damage to owned or rented autos.

Workers Compensation

Do you have employees or hire independent contractors or subcontractors? Is your business incorporated? Do you want to cover yourself, the business owner, for work-related injuries? If so, you need workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation insurance provides coverage for medical bills and lost wages arising from work-related injuries.

Inland and Ocean Marine

Do you transport your own goods or goods of others, domestically or internationally, on your own conveyance or via another person’s conveyance? If so, you need marine insurance. Marine insurance provides coverage for loss to property in transit.


Are you required by a customer, contractor, court or government entity to obtain bonds? Bonds are a form of financial guarantee. Commercial bonds include probate, license and permit, tax, and ERISA bonds. Contract bonds include bid, payment and performance, and supply bonds.


Do you have employees who handle your goods or money or your customers’ goods or money? Might a third party access your accounts and steal your money? If so, you need crime insurance. Crime insurance can provide coverage for theft of your goods or money by employees and theft of your money by a third party. Coverage can be provided on or off your premises or via computer. Crime insurance can also provide coverage for customers’ goods stolen by your employee.

Fiduciary Liability

Do you have employee benefit plans such as 401(k), retirement plan, pension plan, employee stock-ownership plan, or health plan? If so, you need fiduciary liability insurance. Fiduciary liability insurance can provide coverage for plan administrators, human resource employees, others acting in a fiduciary capacity, or the employer itself for claims such as improper advice, imprudent investments, inadequate investment diversity, conflict of interest, and breach of duties imposed by ERISA laws.

Employment Practices Liability

Do you have employees? If so, you need employment practices liability insurance. Employment practices liability insurance provides coverage for defense and settlement of claims arising from wrongful hiring or firing, discrimination, sexual harassment, and hostile work environment.

Boiler and Machinery

Do you use computers, manufacturing equipment, or other machinery in your business? If so, you need boiler & machinery insurance. Boiler & machinery insurance provides coverage for perils not covered by standard property policies, including mechanical breakdown, electrical arcing, and power surges.

Directors and Officers

Does your company have directors and officers? If so, you need directors and officers (D&O) insurance. D&O insurance can provide coverage for individual directors and officers, executives, employees, spouses, and the corporate entity itself for claims such as mismanagement of operations or assets, misrepresentation, conflict of interest, and breach of fiduciary duties. Directors and officers can be held personally liabile for the decisions they make. Even if a claim is unfounded, defense costs can create a financial burden.

Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions

Do you have a specialized expertise, such as a medical professional, attorney, architect, engineer, insurance or real estate professional, software developer, or service provider? If so, you need professional liability or errors & omissions (E&O) insurance. Professional liability and E&O insurance provides coverage for errors and omissions in performing a service.

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