Life Insurance
Life Insurance
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We Are Here to Provide All of Your Individual and Business Life Insurance Policy Options

Life insurance is a unique but necessary asset. Because of its potential high yield and its tax-favored benefits it can be used to solve some of life’s perplexing financial problems.

Individual Life Insurance

Depending on the type of product purchased: Term Life, Universal Life, Whole Life, or Variable Life, you can accomplish almost any goal, such as:

  • Create an estate, pay death taxes and other estate settlement costs
  • Pay off a mortgage
  • Supplement Retirement plans
  • Equalize Inheritances

Survivorship (Second-to-Die) Insurance

Unlike traditional life insurance which provides protection on the life of a single insured, Survivorship insurance covers two lives with proceeds payable at the second death. This eliminates the substantial tax burden on the combined marital estate when the surviving spouse dies.

Disability Income Insurance

While most Americans insure their lives and material assets, like their homes, cars, etc., many overlook the need to protect their most valuable asset-the ability to earn an income. With access to the best companies, we can design a plan that’s just right for you.

Corporate Uses for Life Insurance

Corporate Owned Life Insurance has many unique uses in protecting and stabilizing your business. Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans, Split Dollar Insurance, Executive Carve Out, Living Buy-Out Plans; the list goes on. All are somewhat complex, but we have built our practice advising our clients and structuring just the right business insurance for them and their key people.

Key Person Life Insurance

Key Person Life Insurance protects a business from the loss of a key Owner or Employee. Key employees are difficult to attract and retain. An untimely death may cause severe financial strain on a business. The proceeds from a key man policy can keep your bottom line healthy while you find a replacement for this valuable player.

Buy-Sell Life Insurance

This plan design helps to fund the transfer of a business. Business Owners and Partners often agree to buy a deceased owner’s share from his/her estate after death. Life insurance provides the ready cash to finance this transaction.

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