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PIA’s Winter Storm Info Central Available to Help Agencies Prepare for Snowstorm

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PIA’s Winter Storm Info Central available to help agencies prepare for snowstorm

PIA important bulletin—Feb. 7, 2013

PIA important bulletin

PIA’s Winter Storm Info Central available to help agencies prepare for snowstorm

As the Northeast braces for what some are reporting as potentially one of the worst blizzards in memory, PIA has placed its Winter Storm Info Central Toolkit prominently on the PIA website for your easy access and use.

Click here to review PIA’s Storm Info Central before the storm, as it includes state-specific Insurance Department information; consumer materials for your agency to use in pre- and post-storm communication with your insureds and relevant information in the form of QuickSource documents and Ask PIAs on business and personal coverages for topics such as:

  • ·         snowplowing;
  • ·         business interruption;
  • ·         loss of use; and
  • ·

Members who have prepared by using  PIA’s Agency Preparedness and Recovery Plan may want to review their customized document as well. Contact PIA’s Industry Resource Center at or use the Ask PIA button on the PIA home page at for additional questions.

PIA will continue to keep you apprised of these and other issues as they arise. If you have additional staff you would like to receive these types of business-related alerts, be sure to send their names and email addresses to:

Your PIA staff is working on your behalf to help you be prepared and wishes you a warm and safe weekend.



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