Uniform Manufacturers
Uniform Manufacturers
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Uniform Manufacturers

The National Association of Uniform Manufactures and Distributors is an international organization serving companies associated with the manufacturing and distribution of military, postal, governmental and public safety uniforms and their components (from shoes, to insignias and everything in between)

As an independent insurance agency, Schechner Lifson works with many different property and casualty insurance companies to find out what they like to do, what their area of expertise is and match them up with underserved industries in need of better coverage.

By concentrating on educating our carriers, we were able to bring four preferred companies into serving the uniform industry.  They attend trade shows, become involved in industry affairs and develop an understanding of the uniqueness of the uniform business. As such, they become comfortable with it and, as a result, do a better job of helping uniform manufacturers and their suppliers get the coverage they need.


We know the carriers and we know your industry.

When a complex subject, like fireproofing or Kevlar vesting comes up, most local agents—and many insurance carriers—have difficulty providing coverage, because they don’t really understand the product and the risks associated with its use.

Schechner Lifson helps underwriters understand how uniform components relate to the overall potential risk for liability on the part of the manufacturer, making sure they recognize the difference between perceived versus actual risk. Educating carriers gives manufacturers more flexibility on how they promote and sell their products.

Schechner Lifson’s association and our relationship with the carriers allows us to get by that portion of it.  And it fits very nicely into the program that we’ve been using.

We make managing your insurance easier

Your business requires lots of different insurance coverage: property, liability, worker’s comp, auto and more. At Schechner Lifson, our team of experts will seamlessly work together to make sure you have the right coverage at the lowest overall price possible.  We can also provide personal lines of coverage and your employee benefits package as well, all under one roof, one phone call, one contact. We understand the uniform business.


Recently, we’ve been able to offer our clients a pay-as-you-go worker’s comp program. Rather than paying your worker’s comp based on an estimated payroll with a year-end audit to make adjustments, this program allows you to make your actual worker’s comp when payroll hits.
Now you no longer have to lay the money out to the carrier and work it out at the end.  You can get the use of your cash throughout the year, manage your cash flow more and can keep your business growing.


The uniform industry, like all businesses, faces unique challenges. Since so much business is done with public entities–be it small townships, larger municipalities, police departments or government workers—budgets have been cut, in some cases drastically. Townships may only have enough budget to buy one uniform, where in the past they may have been able to get a winter uniform, summer uniform, formal uniforms, all with more options, and maybe even backups.

Now, purchasing additional uniforms winds up becoming the responsibility of the officers, who are forced to reach into their own pockets. Those officers are not able make up the income once provided by their departments, forcing manufacturers to figure out new ways to make up for the lost revenue.

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