Turning Shavings Into Savings
Turning Shavings Into Savings
by sch43yt9824huilb

Turning Shavings Into Savings

“Sharpen your pencil”. Sometimes, that’s what buyers tell their insurance agents after receiving a better proposal from us. It’s tough being a benchmark, and we wonder why our prospects would want to work with someone who has to be told to do a better job.

When you get a quote under the Marble, Stone and Tile Insurance Connection, you can be assured that we’ve ‘taken the lead out’ of our pencils. We only refine our numbers if your exposures have changed.

The difference between ‘carved in stone’ and a ‘penciled-in job’

Make sure your insurance agent works as hard as you do. The Marble, Stone and Tile Insurance Program was built for companies like yours. It can help protect all your assets through broader coverage with lower up-front costs, provide a better return on claims payments, and pay your sales prices, insuring your profits as well.

Get more service from a service industry, without having to provide a hard target to your agent. Need assistance? Call Marc Rosenkrantz of

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