Summer Safety Tips Involving Kids and Cars
Summer Safety Tips Involving Kids and Cars
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Follow These Summer Safety Tips Involving Your Children and Cars

The days of summer have finally arrived which means kids are off school and ready to make memories! Summer is prime time for children to spend time outside playing and enjoying the warm weather. It is also the season of accidents, sunburns, and bug bites. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states auto-related injuries are the second leading cause of death in toddlers with accidents peaking during the warm summer months. Here are five summer safety tips to help you keep your children safe this year.

  1. Check their seatbelts.

Before starting your car, make sure all children are properly buckled and car seats are correctly fastened. Even if your kids can buckle themselves in, double check that it is done correctly before leaving. If your child outgrows their forward-facing seat, transition them to a booster seat, which will properly position the adult seat belt across their body and keep them safe.

  1. Don’t leave children in the car.

No matter what the temperatures are or how short of time you plan on being, never leave children in cars during the summer months unattended. It only takes ten minutes for temps in a closed car to rise from 75 to 95 degrees. To avoid forgetting about a sleeping child, place a purse or belongings in the back of the car. Or you can use a stuffed animal reminder where you move a stuffed toy to the passenger seat and move it back to the car seat once you remove your child.

  1. Get rid of flying objects.

Anything that isn’t fastened down or secured in a car is a risk for a flying object in the event of an accident. Place bags, strollers, and other large items in the trunk of your vehicle so they don’t go flying and injure children in the backseat. Secure car seats not in use by fastening the seat belt and don’t let children play with toys or books. What may seem harmless can cause serious injury during an accident.

  1. Lock your vehicle.

When you are at home, lock your vehicle even if it is in the garage. You can’t predict what adventure your children will want to take while they are outside playing. The decision to play in your car could lead to falls and injury not to mention what can happen if they start the car.

  1. Don’t leave children unattended.

It isn’t just your car you have to worry about, as there are other drivers on the road. Don’t leave your children unattended when riding bikes in the neighborhood or playing on your front lawn. Even if your area is quiet, an accident can happen. Instead, remain outdoors or walk alongside them while they ride their bikes.

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