Some “Hard” Facts About Insurance
Some “Hard” Facts About Insurance
by sch43yt9824huilb

Some “Hard” Facts About Insurance

Question: What is one of the hardest substances known?
Answer: Diamonds – created by great pressure; changed from coal into clarity.

Question: What is one of the hardest things to do?
Answer: Change – whether under great pressure or not, sometimes it’s hard to perceive benefits with clarity.

How can you get a ‘gem’ of an insurance policy, and pocket much more than spare ‘change’?

By making sure that your insurance premiums are working as hard as possible. The Marble, Stone and Tile Insurance Program was built for companies like yours. It can help protect all your assets through broader coverage with lower up-front costs, provide a better return on claims payments, and pay your sales prices, insuring your profits as well.

Don’t settle for a diamond in the rough. Have your policies appraised by the experts. For crystal-clear insight, call Marc Rosenkrantz of

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