Driving tips to keep safe while driving – Accidents Happen!
Driving tips to keep safe while driving – Accidents Happen!
by sch43yt9824huilb

Driving tips to keep safe while driving – Accidents Happen!


How can we keep safe while driving? Employees who are hired as drivers for a company are expected
to drive using their best judgment to avoid a preventable accident.

Years of driving experience do not have a bearing on avoiding a preventable accident. A selection
of qualified drivers can help reduce or even eliminate loss severity or frequency.

Implement a driver management program and provide resources and education to implement and maintain
the program. Require your drivers to take a defensive driving on-line course, particularly if they
have one or more violations within any one policy period.

Driver checks –

  • Check your side mirrors.
  • Signal and brake to give other drivers plenty of time to notice your intent.
  • Maintain your vehicle.
  • Reduce speed on curves.
  • Load cargo wisely.

Set qualification standards – consider required job knowledge, operating skills required, a safe
driving record, physical requirements, Good attitude and employee morale. The foundation of
successful driver management relies on the selection process of qualified applicants.

Effective hiring tools

  • Application
  • Preliminary interview with a management team member
  • A written exam
  • Road tests
  • Prior job history and investigation

Many insurance carriers offer driver training materials, as well as in-house seminars available to
assist clients in controlling risks.

Driver Evaluation Forms and checklists are also available. Please contact me for a sample checklist
and to set up some risk management loss control measures so you can reduce or eliminate collisions
by improving driver performance.

February, 2019

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