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Congratulations! You’ve just landed a major supply contract that will drive your sales up by 40% over last year! More congratulations from your insurance company! You’ve just caused your General Liability premiums to go up by 25%, because it’s rated on your gross annual sales!

Is this ‘fair’? We don’t think so. Chances are, the loss exposures haven’t increased all that dramatically. Why should success be penalized?

The Solution – premiums for the General Liability Policy available through the Marble, Stone and Tile Insurance Connection are rated on a fixed amount of property – – so even if your sales go up, your costs remain constant.


Many Ocean Marine policies require that you keep records of each shipment, and submit them to the insurance company each month so they can ‘track’ your activity and premium usage.

Do you have the time to keep and file such records? Even insurance companies don’t have the personnel to track and bill reports under this antiquated process.

The Solution – premiums for the available Ocean Marine Policy are rated against your gross sales – – an up-front deposit is based on estimated sales, and premiums are adjusted at the end of the year using your actual sales figure. The above examples are based on certain assumptions and are for reference only. However, don’t make assumptions when it comes to your business. Let mystic take the mystery out of your insurance program.

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