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    Client Testimonials

    "SLC has it all - coverage for all my needs, reliable service, quick response, and good rates!"

    Wes Bush
    - US Stone, Houston, TX

    Welcome to Schechner Lifson

    Why Do Business With Us?

    When it comes to the complex world of insurance, Schechner Lifson Corporation believes a team approach is not only preferred, but required in helping our clients achieve their goals.

    That’s why Schechner Lifson Corporation provides a comprehensive portfolio of innovative consulting and insurance solutions to the problems of protecting human and property values by assembling a team of experts with the experience to get the job done.

    We are an independent firm, not related to any one insurance company or investment vehicle. We provide consulting, sales and administrative services on both a commission and a fee basis.

    Each principal in Schechner Lifson Corporation is in charge of a specific division within his particular area of competence, giving every customer access to continuing communication with a managing principal. We then work cooperatively with your legal, accounting and banking advisors to design, implement and maintain a well-rounded plan that works to your optimum advantage.

    What Makes Us Different?

    Schechner Lifson is not your typical insurance agency. Most of the time, insurance agencies focus either on property/casualty or on life insurance and benefits.

    A property/casualty agency may have one guy who sits in a corner and writes a little bit of term insurance, pretending to be a financial planner.

    Or a life and benefits agency gets an opportunity to quote on a property/casualty policy and sends it across town to another agency in exchange for a life insurance lead sent back to them.

    The client doesn’t know any better because they think, “Insurance is all the same,” and agents are happy to write the business, even if they don’t have expertise in the coverage. Schechner-Lifson is different. We are one office that truly has expertise in each of the three major areas of insurance. Each department is large enough to have specialists and expertise, so we don’t have to rely on another agency or someone that just dabbles on the side.

    Schechner-Lifson’s property/casualty staff focuses strictly on that coverage. And our Life and Benefits focuses strictly on those policies. But, unlike those other agencies, when a client of ours asks either one of them about the other type of insurance, all our agents have to do is walk down the hall to bring another expert to the table.

    That’s because Schechner-Lifson agents truly work as one team. We are one corporation; one entity. We share opportunities. We share needs. We share contacts. And we all work together to provide comprehensive risk management services to our clients.